Digital Marketing – An Overview

What is Digital Marketing Exactly?

In a nutshell, digital marketing is the promotion of products, services or brands through electronic platforms. It is digital marketing servicesimportant to note that digital marketing is different from the traditional way of promoting or advertising a business, services or product. This is because digital marketing involves the use of mediums or channels that give a business an opportunity to analyze the marketing campaign to identify promotions that work and those that do not work – typically in real time. In other words, a business will be in a position to maximize brand awareness.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a term used to describe the integrated marketing services used to attract, engage, analyze and convert customer online. Digital marketing is a technique that uses several channels like online advertising, social media, SEO techniques, Influencer marketing as well as content marketing. The aim is to help brands connect with customers and uncover performance of marketing programs in real-time.

Through this marketing technique, a digital marketer can monitor things like, what is being viewed, the time a customer spends viewing it and how often, the sales conversions, the contents that work and the once that do not work, and much more. All this are techniques geared at increasing sales, increasing traffic, creating customer satisfaction as well as creating brand awareness.

Well, even though the internet is the platform that is mostly associated with digital marketing, there are other platforms that one could use. Some of these platforms are:
• Digital Radio and TV Channels
• Electronic Billboards
• Podcasts
• Mobile Applications (Apps)
• Mobile Instant Messaging Platforms
• Wireless Text Messages or Massaging and Many More

Digital Marketing Statistics This Year

According to International Telecomms Union (ITU) research, it showed that the web penetration in countries that are developing is at 35%. Lagging behind is LDCs with 10%. This came as a shock to many investors, which resulted in them investing on internet driven projects. The sale paper also mentioned that one in every five people in Africa uses the web today. This number is low compared to Asian and Pacific countries that showed two people out of five people use the web.

At the same time, mobile broadband penetration level is at its highest in Europe and America. The actual number is at around 78 active subscribers per 100 people. Mobile broadband penetration is at its lowest in Africa reported to be below 20%.

By looking at this research, what does it translate to in terms of digital marketing? This is the million dollar question. Well, it is a fact that digital marketing is the future of marketing a business. At the same time, digital platforms are becoming popular and widely used each day-by-day. Consider these statistics from Google concerning the travel & leisure industry alone.

  • 56% of movie ticket searches occur on mobile devices
  • 88% of leisure trippers research online before buying
  • 59% of hotel guests now book online

These ar just a few of the ever increasing stats that are prevalent within digital marketing and businesses know that they can tap into these figures and see their business grow by starting out with effective SEO and therefore they look to employ a quality SEO company to help them get things moving. If you do consider employing a search engine optimization company, you would be best to look for one that is in your local area. So if you are based int eh south east of England, do a search such as ‘SEO Kent’ or SEO companies in Kent, to find the best one for you who will know how to help you.


It is quite evident that digital marketing offers a lot of benefits not only to business owners but also to the end user. How? You may ask! Well, through digital marketing, a user has the power to view only contents they want to see. At the same time, they are in a position to give out their views on a particular marketing technique or promotion, which does help a marketer to analyze the market and what people want.

To business owner; it is time to begin investing in digital marketing and surely you will see its benefits to your business. You can, of course, hire an agency to do the work for you, or if you prefer to keep everything in ‘house’, but want guidance, then hiring a digital marketing or SEO consultant is a good place to begin especially if they have a lot of proven experience and knowledge to share.

Reasons for Buying A Scooter

scootersCheck Out These Reasons that will make you
Happier Riding on a Scooter

Have you ever thought about owning a two-wheeled vehicle? If you are looking for new ways to cope with sky rocketing gas prices, expensive parking and saving time getting around town, you should consider getting a scooter. Even if you already have a car, here are a couple of reasons why you should save a spot in your garage for a motorized scooter.

Unbeatable gas mileage

Most Eco-friendly vehicles are rated at a measly 50MPG, and these are the top rated varieties. With the cost of fuel as it is today, you need to get around as much as possible, on as little as possible. Piaggio Scooters have engine capacities of between 50 to 150cc with better gas mileage. You can get over 100MPG on motorized scooters. Doesn’t that sound like an awesome deal?

Cheap to buy

Even for the most fuel economy cars, you still have to pay a pretty price to own one. You can buy a new or used scooter at an amazingly low-low price of $2000 depending on the make and model. Since most scooters are used casually, even second-hand scooters are a great purchase due to their low mileage. Don’t worry about feeling lonely riding on your scooter; many people are purchasing these nifty devices.

Free parking

There is nothing better than free parking, as close to the building entrance as you could possibly imagine. You do not have to steal handicap parking spots anymore. Many cities are very accommodative of Vespa scooters. You can park free in most places and if you have to pay for parking, it usually comes to an average of about $3 a day compared to the $30 you have to pay for a vehicle. A lot of meter maids will even turn a blind eye to scooters that have been parked illegally.

Cheap insurance and maintenance

Imagine paying only $90 a year for basic liability insurance. You will pay a lot more for the same coverage on a motorcycle or even a vehicle. Scooters are extremely easy to maintain. Their simple design and function makes it easy to troubleshoot problems and carry out quick repairs. Basic repairs will cost you less than $100 bucks especially if you go to a Piaggio dealers who know what they are doing and how to repair the bike properly. Plus because they are so economical to run and maintain as well as purchase, you can always buy a new one if the old one seems a little too rickety because it is so affordable.

Make Your Child Think in a Omaha Montessori School

If you pick, you may also register your kid in a Montessori nursery school. These schools provide a means for toddlers to investigate playthings and educational games. Here is some advice to assist you to determine whether you believe this kind of expertise is appropriate for the kid.

Studies show that the child who attends a Omaha Montessori school like this one is prepared to learn areas like writing, mathematics, and reading than her or his counterparts. These children may also be generally regarding cognitive skills at the same time ahead of national expectations. Also they often grow socially at a more rapid speed than other kids. They are peaceful and more cooperative, and less competitive than other children within their same age range.

There are, needless to say, critics of the Omaha Montessori approach who consider children of ages must be educated subject through testing, mark, and assignments. They think these components can also be needed to be able to precisely track their improvement. You will find parents who believe the Montessori method isn’t going to set up their kids to have the ability to go to surroundings that are more competitive. It may not be an excellent fit for all children because the strategy just isn’t as structured as the conventional educational system. There are some who just work with the education that is increased.

While a lot of people believe there’s a real wrong or right response to the approach you take with your kid, you must go in the way which you feel is best. If you do not understand whether you need to register your child in a Montessori nursery school this year, ask family members or friends what they believe. Getting the view of someone you trust may assist you to feel confident and comfortable in your selection.

Among the reasons this may be the instance is that with younger kids, old kids are grouped in the Omaha Montessori system, providing them helpers in the classroom but also role models. A lot of people also believe the conventional approaches of testing young kids make them and get them under an excessive amount of pressure stressed because of this. Kids are usually able to adapt better to societal settings by taking away those kinds of pressures.

When a child enters a nursery, they will be supported to learn an optimistic outlook, an ability to adjust, responsibility, equity, and intangible skills for example freedom. They will have a much better possibility of being disciplined in life by enabling kids to discover the methods they spend their time in the nursery. They may be willing to collaborate with their peers and show behavior that is better.

The Montessori method of instruction or Montessori preschool has proved to be the finest system of teaching for preschool children. Focus is given by the system on the entire social, mental, physical and cognitive growth of a kid.


The characteristics which he learns during the youth remain throughout the life with him. They’re going not to have the ability to impart all the required strategies which are vital for a kid’s total growth though parents play a built-in role in the molding of a child’s character.

The cognitive abilities like movement, smelling, hearing, touching, tasting and seeing is additionally improved through these sensory-motor tasks. So a close interaction between teacher, the kids, and the environment occurs. The kids also get autonomy and the liberty to do the tasks which are of his interest. Later, he can have the ability to have a rewarding profession which is of his or her interest.

Also, due to work obligations, the parents may not have the capacity to give appropriate focus to the child. Montessori preschools focus on the nourishment of the entire character of a kid. Rather compared to the standard classroom sessions, here the child gets a chance to socialize with kids from different age groups.

For ensuring a sound overall growth so your kids must be registered in a top pass Montessori school.

Features of Montessori in Omaha

• Multi-age group – This eases peer learning as kids of different age groups get the opportunity to socialize each other. The kids that are old impart knowledge and their skills.

Unlike learning a theory through education, here the kids learn it and work with stuff.

• Directed option of work task

• Montessori learning stuff

The Importance of Saving For Your Retirement

Why It’s Important To Save For Retirement

Sooner or later it happens to all of us, retirement. How we enjoy that retirement is dependent upon how well we saved for that retirement.

While experience may be the best teacher, no one can teach for retirement unless they’ve been there. However, learning by example from our parents and other elders we can learn to save and prepare for our golden years.

If you’re not saving for retirement, you’re not saving for your future. Social Security won’t be able to pay all of your future bills. You have to invest in your future while you’re living in the present.

When asked what they’ve learned from retirement, most retirees will tell you that they wish they’d started saving for their retirement sooner. There are many financial responsibilities in life, even in retirement.

From unexpected medical bills to simply paying the utilities and grocery bill, it costs money to live. Many retirees are woefully unprepared and don’t realize how expensive it is to rely solely on your savings and Social Security in order to live.

Many people mistakenly believe that they won’t have as many bills when they retire. However, they’ve found that they still spend what they spent when they had children living at home and when they were working.401-or-ira

Thankfully, we can learn from their experience. Set small goals to save money now, before you need it. Choose high-interest savings accounts and Individual Retirement Accounts or IRAs. You could go one further and rather than have a standard retirement account, you could make it a precious metal IRA. This is something that an increased number of Americans are doing in preparation for their retirement and therefore, you may want to consider. a good place to start is checking out a website that offers gold ira reviews as this will help you to see who are the best providers on the market. Companies like Regal Assets and American Bullion who specialize in setting put these types of accounts are able to guide you through the process and provide you with all the help you need to ensure your retirement account is set up properly.

Choose programs that allow for matching funds from employers to earn even more toward retirement, along with allowing you to add to them as and when you want.

Remember, the longer you’re able to save toward your retirement, the more you’re going to have. Put this in an interest bearing account and you may even be able to double or triple it over the years.

Saving for your retirement shouldn’t be a painful experience, it should be something that you simply set aside automatically each and every pay period.

If you’re not saving, you’re not prepared for retirement. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t prepared as much as we’d like to be. For many of the baby boomer generation, finances simply weren’t discussed at home. They were shushed or told that they didn’t need to worry.

Sadly, this couldn’t be further from the truth. By not planning, talking about money and preparing for retirement, these baby boomers are woefully unprepared and will find that y wind up having to live with family members or worse, they are homeless.

Retirement isn’t cheap. Living isn’t cheap. It takes pre-planning and wise investing to prepare for the future. Recognizing that there are going to be bills even when retired will be a great start.

Saving more than you think you’ll be needing upon retirement is also important to be prepared for retirement. Save more than you think you’ll need, if you can live on less, great, if not, you’ll have it when you need it.

It’s important to save for retirement from the moment you begin working. Make it a priority and you’ll be able to enjoy your golden years.

Tips to Help You With Personal Budgeting


If you are among the vast majority of people today, you have a great deal of debt and work hard without ever getting ahead. This can be very frustrating and leads to all types of problems, ranging from high blood pressure to rising divorce rates. Whether you are married or single, you need to learn about personal budgeting and how to work your finances to your advantage. Otherwise, you will continue to feel broke the rest of your life, something that nobody wants!

There are many things to consider when you are checking out how to manage your money better than you are right now. For instance, do you have any intention of going back to school to get a degree? The reason that this is important is because it may allow you to make higher wages than you currently are bringing in. Of course, there is a down side to getting a college or university education.

That has to do with the money you will owe if you take out student loans. Everyone has heard the stories on the news about the vast number of college graduates who are drowning in student loans and do not have the ability to repay them due to the sagging economy. If you intend to go back to school, you may want to find other means to finance your education.

Creating a budget for your current financial state is important to do with your spouse if you are married. Even if one of you is more financially adept than the other, it should be approached as a team. Perhaps the one who is better with numbers can lay out all of the information and then both of you can decide things like what expenses need to be cut or how to create additional sources of income.

When creating your personal budget, you will have to list all of your expenses, including those that roll around every quarter or annually. Things such as insurance and taxes may fall into this category. Additionally, you will need another column where you record all of the funds that are coming into your home. There may be interest on your savings account, regular paychecks or cash from side jobs that are taken on from time to time.

What you need to do in order to be successful is to reduce the amount of money that you are spending and increase what you have coming into the home. The specific choices you and your family make are very personal. However, there are some things that many find useful, such as not eating out as much or maybe even at all. Cutting cable packages back or skipping your morning coffee at a fancy coffee establishment can really add up as well. All these tips are great to help you with your finance planning, especially for your retirement.

If you have trouble figuring it out on your own, you may want to take a personal budgeting course or read some books about it that will help you to get a handle on it. personal finance is a good place to start.